5 popular types of glass-top desks for your workplace

Shopping for office furniture is not an easy task especially when you have to go through all the details and specifications to make the right choice. There are wooden, glass, or metallic office desks that you can consider for your purpose. Among this, the glass-made office desks are returning into fashion as they are lightweight and effectively integrated into tiny places where a large metal or wooden desk might take up space in the room. The glass top office desks usually bring the minimal yet professional environment into the office place. Here’s a list of popular glass top office desks which you may consider buying for your workplace.

Homework desk
It’s a versatile as well as useful piece of office furniture. It generally comes in two sizes and can be used to store one’s work-related things. It can also have one or two drawers right beneath the clear glass. It seems like a floating desk with an elegant wooden framework at its sides to hold.

Jensen desk
Retro tops are quite influential in this type of glass top office desks. A Jensen desk comes with a solid wood frame and has a simplistic look. However, its modern and slick design is undeniable.

Academy desks
There are many people who think glass top desks do not radiate warmth and are somehow austere, unlike the wooden ones. However, Academy desks defy this ideology. The solid frame made of canaletta walnut wood, and the tempered glass on top of it makes the table look more beautiful with all its edges and corners.

Stylo desk
If you have a liking for wooden as well as glass top office desks, this one is the ideal one for you. The combination of wood and glass in a classy and minimal design is one of its kind. It features a metal frame along with walnut drawer cases.

Strata desk
People who prefer a full glass top office desk can go for this curious one. A strata desk is not only delicate and lightweight but also sturdy and heavy. The top and sides are created with transparent glass. A wooden white shelf right beneath the top can be pulled out without disturbing the curvature of the desk.

If you are looking to renovate or get new furniture for your workspace, you can choose among these as per your needs.