Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the correct way to wear Headphones?

    Place the looped sections above your ears, so that the phones are slightly in front of your ears. The band should be slightly loose behind your head. The phones should always be slightly in front of your ears.

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    How to choose the right headphone?

    Selecting headphones is a combination of your Price point, Usage preferences (running, gaming, etc.), Personal taste & filtering out marketing hype from truth.The biggest challenge is determining at what price threshold you will be happy with your purchase. If you take nothing else away from the following, not this: Because headphone satisfacti

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    How to burn in your headphones?

    Some people have some very interesting methods of burning in their headphones, but I think most people will agree that they can reach their full potential simply by listening to your music over time. Some people like to leave their music library running while they are away, some people like to use pink or brown noise. Whatever you choose just under