All you ever wanted to know about BT broadband

Have you recently been considering getting BT broadband for your home or business? It is one of the finest internet service providers in the West, known for their exciting offers and deals at a reasonable price. But before you invest in any of the service programs, there are many things which you need to know.

What Does BT Broadband Offer?

BT can be regarded as the father of the current broadband market in European countries. They have recently added BT Sport Europe and BT Mobile. At present, BT is the owner of most of the broadband cabling in the European market. This suggests that you will get high-quality services along with a few notable extras that make BT the leading service provider. Here are a few important network types offered by BT.

ADSL Broadband: You must have heard that ADSL broadband is referred to as the standard broadband in the country and also UK. It can reach speeds of 17MBPS or more at times. It is transmitted via the standard copper telephone cables. This means that the closer you are to the local telephone exchange, the faster your internet will be.

Fiber Optic Broadband: You can choose between two different internet speeds of BT broadband. 38MBPS or 76MBPS, which comes with the regular infinity package. Since this form of broadband is transmitted via fibre optic cable, the distance from the telephone exchange does not influence the internet speed. This is a much better option than the conventional ADSL broadband, and are ideal for those who are always on the move. The Fibre Optic broadband from BT now covers more than 22 million business and homes in the United Kingdom, which is over 75 percent of the country. There are two scenarios where fibre optic broadband is ideal. One, if you indulge in a lot of data intensive activities such as watching HD movies, streaming music and playing online games. Or, two, if you have over 3 users logged into the network at the same time.

Calls Package: If you are looking for a bundle package from BT, then the calls package will also give you a broadband connection. However, you can also choose the calls package separately, without attaching it to broadband services. While choosing the deal, make sure that you understand your calling habits. This ensures the monthly allowance of call making is what you need.

TV: The TV deals of BT broadband gives you access to more than 70 Freeview channels. What’s more, you can pause, rewind and fast forward your favorite shows seamlessly. It also comes with a hard drive, allowing you to record your favorite shows while you are busy.

Besides these exciting and user-friendly packages, BT broadband also offers mobile phones, BT Sports, and Sky Sports. These are only some of the top notch services offered by the company. You can rest assured that you will definitely get the ideal choice for yourself and the needs of your family or co-workers.