Best Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Options to Choose From

In recent years, a huge number of new products in terms of baby shampoo and body wash have been launched into the market. This was not the case once upon a time. Now options like organic, tear-free, scented, extra sensitive can make the decision to buy the product quite daunting! It would be cruel not to help you when you are drowning in the different choices with no clue about which one to purchase. And so this article will help put you in the right direction. While “the best” is simply perceptional since different people have different needs, one can only give suggestions. Read on to know the best suggestions on purchasing baby shampoo and body wash.

Best baby shampoo

Baby shampoos serve different specializations compared to adult shampoos. This is because adult shampoos are specifically meant to clean hair, while baby shampoos are usually intended to work as both baby shampoo and body wash. While it may be cheaper to buy one of these 2-in-1 options, a tear-free shampoo will do wonders in saving your baby some tears and irritation. The best shampoos usually are tear-free.

Overall the best shampoo

One great option is to purchase Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Body Wash as it is tear-free, sensitive to the skin, as well as popular as a body wash for babies. There are three variants in terms of scent. These are lavender, fragrance-free, and lavender and vanilla. Its popularity has ensured that it can be availed in most drug stores.

Pleasant, scented baby shampoo

One of the best-scented baby shampoos is the one with an orange vanilla scent from The Honest Co. This is because it makes your baby smell great. It is very natural and does not consist of chemicals like parabens and sulfates – that make your child’s eyes tear up. This is like an all-in-one product which is pretty cool.

Baby cradle cap shampoo

If your baby has dry patches that are pink and scaly, the condition is called cradle cap. Mustela Foam Baby Shampoo & Body Wash for newborn babies is a good option. Chemicals like beta hydroxy acid and salicylic acid help exfoliate patches. So in terms of cradle cap, this is the most recommended shampoo.

Best natural baby shampoo

Most baby shampoos may claim that they are natural and herbal; don’t let this fool you. Most of these brands may not be ideal for your precious bundle of joy’s hair. In fact, go for the most recommended Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo – which is famous for its effect on sensitive skin. It uses oat milk as well as calendula and other natural moisturizing agents that work really well together to ensure that that baby’s soft skin stays perfect – just the way it should be!

Best body wash for eczema

A classic cleaner for your baby is Cetaphil which works for adults as well as babies. It is highly recommended because of how gentle and hydrating it is. Babies that are as small as 3-year-olds can have this used on them without any side effect. Eczema is a skin condition that makes the skin dry. For the best hydration, babies who suffer from this condition can use this body wash.

Best baby wash for newborn babies

Regardless of the first or seventieth bath of your newborn, the Aveeno Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is the best option for sensitive skin. It produces very good lather and has a tear-free formula which can be used as both a shampoo as well as a baby wash. It does not come with a lot of chemicals and has a delicate and mild fragrance to it.

In conclusion, there are different shampoos and baby washes for your child’s different needs. Look for what suits them the most. This being said, pay attention to the contents of this article as it can help you quite a bit in making the right decision.