Popular Platforms for Streaming Cable TV

At this moment, the entertainment world is bustling with different options. With cable TV, streaming services, internet bundles, and exclusive content on every platform, you will never have to worry about getting bored. However, it is crucial to pick the right service. You need to ensure that your choice suits your entertainment needs so that you do not end up paying more than what is necessary. To help you with this problem, we have curated the best options for streaming cable TV and the best packages for these TV streaming services.

  • Hulu
    One of the biggest reasons why Hulu is one of the top TV streaming services is that it will not bind you to any contract, and it offers you a plan based on your requirements. The plans start at around $7.99, and the options with Live TV go up to $39.99 approximately. Thus, Hulu is quite affordable when it comes to streaming cable TV.
  • Netflix
    Netflix is a part of every list that talks about TV streaming services around the world. It has interesting content for people who want a variety in what they view. You only need an app on your smart TV and other devices to watch Netflix shows on the go.
  • Sling TV
    Sling TV is a great choice to stream cable TV online. You can either pick the Sling Orange, Sling Blue, or the Sling Orange Plus plan. It offers various channels such as BBC America, Bloomberg, CNN, Comedy Central, and many more.
    Depending on the TV provider you pick, you can easily stream cable TV online with the new HBO NOW TV streaming service. HBO NOW is associated with providers such as U-verse, Spectrum, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish, Optimum, Xfinity, and many more. You can cancel your service anytime, and you can even stream on multiple devices to make the most of your package.
  • Amazon Prime Video
    Amazon Prime Video would cost you around $99 annually but is worth the price because of the excellent content that it provides. Additionally, the free shipping on various products with Amazon Prime is a great bonus. It gives you good value for money.

You can pick from any of these services and say goodbye to conventional cable TV. With the digital age kicking in, it is best to move ahead with the times.