Classic car insurance – eligibility criteria and finding the best insurance plan

Classic car insurance provides coverage for your antique or vintage cars in case of an accident, damage, or theft. Many auto insurance companies require that a collectible car should not be used primarily for the daily commute. They also consider maximum annual mileage restrictions, the ceiling of which depends on the state of the car. The total mileage should not usually exceed 7500 miles per year.

The eligibility criteria for owning a classic car insurance is as follows:

  • The applicant must be 25 years old
  • They should have a good driving record and should have 10 years of driving experience
  • The applicants should not have more than one negligent driving ticket and moving violation within the previous three years
  • They should have fully enclosed garage, carport, or some type of storage facility to safeguard their classic vehicle from elements that might damage their vehicle
  • Most classic car insurance providers offer insurance only to applicants who reside in the same state
  • The collectible or classic car should be in a good condition and should not be used for racing events or even daily driving

A good place to begin your search for the right classic car insurance is to contact your current auto insurance provider. They might be able to direct you to the best classic insurance providers in your state or find a way around to offer you an insurance discounted price for your collectible car. Some popular classic car insurance providers include Hagerty, J.C Taylor, Condon Skelly, American National, and Grundy.

The following pointers will help you select the best insurance plan for your classic car:

  • Look for an agent or an insurance provider who specializes in providing classic car insurance.
  • Look for a company that has an in-house claims department. This ensures an easier and a satisfying experience when you are filing a claim.
  • Check whether your insurance has a clause that mentions the limited use. The limited use provision allows the classic car owner to use their car only for car exhibition and auto club meets.
  • Look for insurance providers that provide you the flexibility to bring your classic or collectible car to a specialized or restoration shop of your choice.
  • Make sure that you don’t lapse the coverage of classic car insurance. This is because although your car might be nestled away safely in a garage, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be damaged due to natural calamities. Review your coverage annually
  • Read the fine print of the insurance and understand exactly which features are covered and what are the restrictions.
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