Construction and maintenance: The roads to development

Construction is an integral part of human life. It is an activity that has been practiced for ages. The first huts or other residential quarters were constructed using hands or simple tools. Maintenance is an activity that comes along with construction. It is the sector that focuses on the efficient working and the checking and fixing of any crucial functioning unit that is a part of the construction. Construction and maintenance go hand in hand once constructed, the structure needs maintenance to survive and function at the optimal rate.

According to surveys, in the year 2015, countries including India, US, China and Japan saw a large increase in the total output (or GDP) in the construction sector. It is a business that has been growing substantially year-on-year. Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) is a popular and embedding concept of maintenance. It involves fixing or repairing of plumbing, mechanical or electrical devices.

Fast-track construction: A concept of the new era
Fast-track construction is a new concept that has been widely popularized in the 21st century. It is an efficient and time-saving procedure that is resorted to while taking up most projects today. Fast-track Construction involves implementing and working on a particular project before it is complete. The basic idea is to save time.

While it may involve undertaking a few risks, the concept has revolutionized the construction industry and by trickle-down effect, the maintenance industry as well. It caters to the urgent needs of the public, not to mention, the quick and prompt time-to-market span of the manufacturer(s).

This strategy is also cost efficient. It minimizes overheads and the cost of financing. The best results are achieved through cohesive planning and well thought-out construction phases.

Advancement of technology and up-gradation of techniques
With the advancement of technology and knowledge, sophisticated and modern methods have been introduced to maximize efficiency. With the introduction of 3D printing technology, the planning and implementing coordination has increased by a considerable margin. Use of state-of-the-art technology has led to an increase in efficiency and output and a reduction in construction waste.

Maintenance The inevitable aftermath
Most constructed structures tend to malfunction or depreciate. That is when the need for maintenance arises. It includes both direct and indirect labor, plants and machinery. The aim of maintenance is to ensure that the serviceability and efficiency of every functioning unit is maintained. It includes overhauls, inspection, repairing and replacing. A successful maintenance program is one, which is systematically strategized and periodically implemented. It ensures perfect output and reduces future expenses. Therefore, maintenance is a necessity that cannot be overlooked.