4 effective tips to clean your window blinds

A  clean home ensures a healthy family. There are several areas of the house that might get missed as there isn’t enough time to clean them on a daily basis. One such corner is the window blinds. It’s quite easy to forget about them, but they are highly prone to dust accumulation and also to fading due to the constant exposure to the sun. Cleaning them once in a while ensures that the material is treated and restored to endure the wear and tear again.
To help you out here are some tips for cleaning the window blinds.

  • Dry cleaning: Dust and water together will be a disaster for your blinds, when you want to clean them in one place. Using water isn’t an option as it may create a lot of mess, spoiling your blinds. Use a duster or a microfiber cloth to dry clean the window blinds.
  • Water cleaning: For smaller window blinds, it may be better to remove them and clean them in the washer. Soak them in a tub with detergent to remove stains and deep-rooted dust. Regular washing would keep them as good as new.
  • Material-based cleaning: Based on the material of your blinds, i.e., cloth, wooden, faux or plastic, decide on using either one of dry or water cleaning methods. For faux and plastic blinds, you can use a wet cloth to wipe away all the dirt and let it air dry. You can even dismantle and soak them in tubs for better cleaning.
  • Protect the window blinds: Try to dust the blinds as often and use cleaning materials that don’t damage them. Daily opening and closing of blinds can also be a good way to keep the dust away.

Window blinds add to the personality of your home, and it becomes fairly important not to ignore them. Keep your home dust free and your loved ones healthy.