Find the cheapest auto insurance quotes

Auto insurance quotes for California state can be compared across insurance companies keeping in mind factors like driving quality, the age of drivers, one fault crash drivers, retired drivers, low mileage drivers, drivers with a military connection among others. It might come to you as a surprise that the way your drive will affect the auto insurance quote you can get for your vehicle. You should also check the minimum permitted auto insurance quote for the state of California before you can compare across these unique insurance plans and policies offered mostly by Geico, esurance, 21st century among others.

Here are some of the cheap auto insurance quotes California state compared:

Auto insurance for good drivers: Drivers who have an excellent driving record with no at-fault accidents, drinking under the influence (DUI) or moving violations can benefit from auto insurance quotes by Geico priced at $1193/year, esurance by Allstate priced at 1337/year and 21st Century insurance priced at 1371/year. Working out to less than $100 a month, good drivers can avail these quotes for auto insurance coverage.

Auto insurance for young drivers: Drivers who are in their early twenty’s can benefit from low coverage options with auto insurance quotes California state starting at $463/year offered by Geico, followed by $702 by 21st Century insurance and $714 quote by esurance.

Cheapest quotes for one fault drivers: One at-fault crash will add a significant amount to your premium which is why insurance quotes by AAA priced at $1679/ year will be the cheapest compared to esurance which is slightly higher priced at $1854/year and finally a quote of $2191/year by Geico.

Auto insurance quotes for retired drivers: Retired drivers who don’t use their automobile anymore or not as frequently as they used to do not have to suffer by paying high insurance premiums for a vehicle which they don’t even drive anymore. 21st Century Insurance, Geico, and Allstate offer auto insurance quotes California state starting at $937/year, 948/year and $1054/year respectively.

Auto insurance quote for low mileage drivers: This category is especially helpful for people who don’t drive more than 5000 miles in a year which is why they can pay a low monthly premium for auto insurance quotes California state offered by metromile at $757/year.

Auto insurance quotes for drivers with a military connection: If you are serving or have served in the military previously, or someone in your immediate family is a veteran, USSA provides with cheap auto insurance quotes which is reserved specifically for military personnel only.

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