The difference between iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12

At its latest event, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 12 series that includes iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Pro and Pro Max are the two high-end models of the series, leaving the other two, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, in the standard section. While both offer high-tech and lucrative features, they are still different in subtle ways. Read to know the differences between the latest iPhone 12 5g and iPhone 12 mini.

Before you know about the difference, take a look at the similarities between the latest iPhone 12 5G and iPhone 12 mini. Both these phones come with 5G connectivity and Apple’s patented Bionic A14 chip, making them the fastest smartphones. Furthermore, they both feature OLED displays, MagSafe connectors, and the new iPad style design.

Moving on to differences, the latest iPhone 12 5G sports two 12 MP wide and ultra-wide cameras. On the other hand, both the dual cameras on the mini are 12 MP wide. The f/1.6 aperture on the latest iPhone 12 5G is supposed to make it the fastest camera. The Super retina XDR screen on the iPhone 12 5G is 6.1-inches while that on iPhone 12 mini is 5.4-inches. The small screen and its 5G connectivity will make iPhone 12 mini the smallest 5G smartphone available.

When it comes to battery life, the iPhone 12 has a better battery back-up than the iPhone 12 mini. While the main entrant in the series offers a 17-hour battery back-up, the iPhone mini offers a video playback of 15-hours. The major difference between the two phones lies in their size. As is its name, the mini weighs 4.76 ounces, while iPhone 12 weighs 5.78 ounces.

As both offer top grade and cutting-edge features, It is up to you to select a phone that better suits your needs. The latest iPhone 12 5G price starts from $799 for 64 GB and rises with higher storage specifications. The iPhone 12 mini prices start $100 cheaper compared to iPhone 12. Therefore, for the 64 GB mini model, you will have to shell out $699. The iPhone 12 5G and iPhone 12 mini can be pre-ordered starting from 16 October and will be available online and in stores by the 23rd of this month.