Top Choices for Cheap Cable TV Services

While there are plenty of online services in the market, cable TV services still dominate the entertainment world since they are one of the oldest and most traditional mediums for delivering entertainment. Additionally, as compared to other mediums that have internet bundled with them, cable TV packages are much more affordable. However, with the latest technological developments, cable TV is losing its charm. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best and cheapest cable TV services for you. Cable TV is still a good source of entertainment, and you should give it some serious consideration.

  • Xfinity
    Xfinity has some great packages to offer. These packages are not only restricted to cheap cable TV services, but it also provides affordable internet and TV bundles. Thus, these plans take care of all your entertainment needs. For the most budget-friendly option, you can choose the Xfinity Digital Preferred plan, which will cost you around $59.99 per month. It includes over 220 different channels such as NHL Network, MLB Network, STARZ Encore, and many more options.
  • COX
    If you purely want to opt for a TV package, then pick the Cox Contour TV Ultimate plan, which will cost you around $64.99. It includes more than 250 channels and has six different line-ups for TV channels. Thus, with this plan, your entertainment sessions are sorted. Additionally, if you want to combine this plan with an internet connection to get the most out of this cheap cable TV service, then you can choose the Bronze Duo. It will cost you around $89.99, and it includes many more features than the basic plan.
  • Spectrum
    Your search for cheap cable TV services ends at Spectrum, provided that you are comfortable with slightly fewer options for entertainment. The basic cable TV package will cost you around $44.99 per month. This package gives over 220 channels as well as free HD. Additionally, you can choose to watch free prime-time shows on demand, and pick the app service that will help you stream more content than that included in the original plan.
  • Optimum
    Optimum is an exceptional option in today’s market for cheap cable TV services. You can pick the Basic Broadcast package for $19.99 per month approximately or opt for the Optimum Core plan, which will amount to $59.95 per month. Additionally, you can even choose the Optimum Value package, which will cost you around $64.95.