Top companies for car rentals in the country

With the increasing cost of living, not everyone can afford to have and maintain a car. While this may not be a problem in one’s day-to-day life, it can lead to issues when one has to travel elsewhere. There are many reasons why you might have to opt for a car rental. These include going on a road trip, temporarily staying in a different location for work, traveling for an event, or simply traveling out of your city in a long weekend. But renting a car might seem like a difficult affair as with so many car rental companies out there, it is tough knowing which one to pick.

A lot of the car rental services that you can choose between belong to the same parent company. Regardless, each of these businesses has its niche and varying services on offer. To help you pick a car rental service the next time you need one, here is a list of some of the best companies you can approach:

Enterprise is a comparatively expensive rental car provider. The rate for renting a car is around $50 per day. However, they actually might help you save money if you can look beyond that. They decrease or eliminate many of the tricky additional charges as opposed to multiple other companies that use them as a way of generating revenue. Their supplementary rate for young drivers, especially those between the ages of 21 and 25 is almost half compared to others. Moreover, car rentals from Enterprise are extremely convenient. This is a result of them having close to 6,000 centers across the country. They also offer exotic and luxury cars on rent.

National car rentals is a sister company of Enterprise. However, they rate better than Enterprise in terms of customer service. They take home a five-star score for the reservation process and overall service satisfaction in the annual report of J.D. Powers. The company also has a wide variety of choices in car rentals. Their fleet ranges from compact cars to cargo vans. National specifically aims to cater to business travelers. Many companies take advantage of the business rental program offered by the rental service provider. Their business rental programs allow employees of small or big companies to get car rentals at rates set at a contractual basis. This helps the business avoid paying a rental premium at the last minute due to urgent trips.

Alamo may not fare high on the scale of wallet-friendliness, but it also does not burn a car-sized hole in your pocket. The average rate of car rentals from Alamo is around $42 per day. This is approximately seven percent lower than the average price in the industry per-day. It is a popular choice among millennials as a result of the standard unlimited free mileage. Moreover, if you are traveling with another person or a group, the charge for an additional driver is much lower compared to their competitors. Additionally, the Alamo Insider free program provides customers with a guaranteed five percent discount on the retail rate.

Hertz has more than 1,600 airport locations for car rentals in the country and has an average car rental rate of $48.50 daily. This puts it on par with Enterprise in terms of cost. They offer a wide range of cars for different customer types. While they have the standard vehicles for business trips, they also offer high-capacity cars for family use along with compact economy cars at cheaper rates. They have a separate range for hybrid car rentals. Finally, they also have an impressive fleet of luxury cars.

As far as expensive car rentals are concerned, Avis is by far the highest out of all other companies out there. Their rates for car rentals are an average of $60 per day. However, on the positive side, with Avis, there is a high chance that can get the total cost down. You can do this through the wide range of discount codes, promotions, and rebates available. Furthermore, if you are renting a car from Avis in the northeast region of the country, every car comes with the feature of e-Toll. This significantly reduces the additional toll costs. It is the ideal option for small businesses whose employees need a car rental.

Budget is a car rental service that truly lives up to its name. It has some of the cheapest rates for you to rent a car in the industry. Their average cost goes to around $35 daily. Moreover, you can also avail an additional discount of a massive 35% by paying while making the reservation. They also have a Mustang weekend program. This program involves free car rentals for a third day. However, it is only applicable to cars belonging from intermediate to full-size four-door rentals. Even then, it is an offer that is highly suitable for families that want to take a quick weekend trip.