Why is landscape designing important for your garden

Landscape design is a design and art tradition that combines nature and culture. It uses design to connect the outdoor architecture of a place with its ingrained beauty. Landscape design provides a medium to evoke the aesthetic sense of the place, be it in the garden of your home or in a park.

Landscape designers are professionals who help in Landscaping. These designers work to ensure that the beauty of a place is duly preserved and extracted. At the same time, they prevent people from making costly mistakes or incurring unnecessary expenditure. They carefully analyze the cultural value and any special site qualities that they might want to highlight and decide the theme accordingly.

Landscape design involves artisan composition and workmanship. Its main aim is to make the living quarters more pleasing to live in, and to maximize the use of total available and useable land in order to avoid waste.

Based on the geographical location, cultural and local beliefs and faiths, and the area that is to be designed, Landscape Design is further classified into the following heads:

Mediterranean Style – This theme gets its name from the plants that it uses. It uses palm trees and other Mediterranean plant varieties to stimulate an atmosphere that induces a peaceful ambiance in the surrounding areas. This theme is gaining popularity in many places around the world.

Southwest Garden style – This style of garden planning is mostly used in arid and semi-arid regions like Mexico and Arizona. Hardscape plays a major role in such styles. Due to this reason, it is gaining more and more popularity in other areas of the US as well.

Formal Gardens – Formal Gardens are mainly characterized by straight lines and geometrical shapes and figures. This kind of garden requires high maintenance. Frequent pruning is done in order to help the plants maintain their shape and size.

The above styles are some of the most popular choices that are commonly seen in the US. All of these are a theme- based landscaping designs. However, people also tend to go offset rules and regulations of landscaping in order to stand out. Sometimes, they like to add a personal touch to their gardens to feel more connected to it.

Whether the design is set to standard rules or not, landscaping adds a definite pleasing aspect to the final look of a garden and allows people to enjoy all aspects of it equally and appreciatively.